Ministry of Industries & Production

Gujranwala Tools Dies and Moulds Centre




GTDMC Sialkot Bypass Chowk,

Sialkot Road,

Gujranwala 52250, Pakistan

Tel: (+92)-55-3827321-23

Fax: (+92)-55-3824324



GTDMC (Gujranwala Tools, Dies and Moulds Centre) is a modern; State-of-the-Art Common Facility Centre (CFC) established under section 42 of the companies ordinance 1984 Ministry of Industries and Production of Government of Pakistan.

GTDMC is located at Gujranwala for the vibrant industrial clusters in and around Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Daska and Wazirabad. The objective is to provide the Gujranwala and neighbouring industry the access to most modern machines available today. In addition, Dies and Moulds design and technical assistance is also available while training on modern technologies / machines would be provided in future. The aim of the Centre is to enable the local industry to assist the local industry in producing high quality production tooling benefiting in terms of direct foreign exchange savings and to enable the local industry producing TDM based finished products meeting international quality standards.

GTDMC offers comprehensive a wide range of engineering solutions for industry, including the following,

  1. Advanced level engineering projects – from concept to the end product

  2. Consumer, commercial, medical, sports and industrial products and parts manufacturing

  3. High, medium, and low volume manufacturing environments

  4. Product design, fully or semi-automated machining, tooling plus fundamental manufacturing process development

  5. New product development, 3D modelling and prototyping



  1. To deliver the finest engineering and skill development solutions to industry

  2. To apply the latest technologies and creativity to help industry upgrade, develop designs and improve its products

  3. To offer solutions that help industry increase its competitiveness


  Memorandum of Association of Gujranwala Tools, Dies and Moulds Centre